W.A.N.A. is a protection system designed for users of public transport.

The project is based on two fundamental aspects:


Bluetooth is a personal network that always travels with us and can connect to any other Bluetooth mobile device around us while keeping our personal data safe. In this way we can communicate with all close people quickly and safely.

No phone numbers or other types of contact lists are required, this method allows you to communicate with maximum privacy, in safety, with the people around you.

Thanks to this feature we have the possibility to communicate, to be listened to and therefore never actually be alone.


Often, other people are present during a harassment.

Unfortunately, the tendency is to remain passive spectators, for various reasons, which can range from the fear of intervening to not having noticed anything.

W.A.N.A. allows you to increase the likelihood that close people go from being passive to being active, with all the positive aspects that follow.

How it works in practice

Suppose we have a train with five passenger carriagesand the staff are in the sixth carriage.

12 repeaters are used for the 6 carriages, 2 per carriage uniquely associated with the position inside the carriage and 6 audio-visual signalers, 5 located in the middle of each passenger carriage and the sixth in the driver’s position.

The train is traveling a particularly long stretch that will lead it to pass through some tunnels where telephone and data networks have no field.

While crossing the tunnel, passenger “A” sends an alarm signal through the application and the message spreads to all repeaters, turning on the audio-visual confirmation signal, notifying the driver, staff and all people who have the active app on their device.

The help message that will arrive at its destination will contain, in addition to the identification data entered and approved by “A”, also the position inside the train, providing the carriage number and an approximate indication inside it; for example “Help, I am passenger” A “, I am 23 years old and I am in carriage 4 towards the tail of the train”.

Assuming that the situation entails that inside the tunnel the train stops and there is no electricity, the devices, equipped with a battery, will be able to operate even without the train’s power supply.




A simple and lightweight application is being developed, which can be installed on any mobile device from the appropriate Android and iOS stores or from this site. Users must register and provide their data in order to recognize who has raised the alarm.


Small black boxes to be installed inside the means of transport that will allow you to receive and expand the range of action of the Bluetooth to get communication to as many devices as possible in the surroundings.


Device equipped with LED lights that turns on when it receives a signal.


Device equipped with a small loudspeaker that is activated when it receives a signal.


A small personal button is being designed, which can be purchased by transport users, which, once registered and connected to the smartphone, will perform the same functions as the app.